So I’ve tried this so many times I just think that my mind is so boggled with so much crap I’m dealing with that I just can’t get it;or it’s simply the fact that yes I am disabled in my brain since the accident & since I’ve been in this abusive relationship & getting all these blows to my skull doesn’t help matters at all.

I’ve tried to write this a thousand times, but I just couldn’t escape his hawk-like stares watching me. I wanted to fill everyone in on whats been happening tome on a dayly, but I just couldn’t figure pout how to do it without making my dayly beatings any worse. Well last week sometime I finally escaped the devil’s grasp!!! But I can not for the life of me get any help. I’ve called every darn domestic violence shelter that the national hotline has given me, but it’s either a case of transportation issues or these places are just down-right discriminating against the fact that I have an ESA (emotional support animal)that must come along with me. Oh & mind u, I do have a prescription from my doctor that I carry around in my wallet at all times, due to the fact that I have to show it frequently to various places just so she can get in places I go. I trully don’t have any idea why this is such a problem to these shelters when she can even ride in the airplane cabin with me when I fly. I’m currently living in a motel room & my money is running out so fast that I don’t know what I’m gonna do until the 1st. of next month, when I know that it’ll be more than I have to stay here till then, plus I have to eat and so does my ESA. I’m giving up hope on my life & all that’s going on, I just don’t know how much longer I can stay afloat. I have no family out here & since I’m fairly new here in this town & don’t really socialize that much, I don’t have friends that know me that well that I can call on or turn to.

Well, gotta go to

sleep now. Mind fkd up once again due to someone else’s madness. Now my living situation,for the first time is in jeopardy,& another 1st. is that I have no answers nor resources available to me.




  1. Oh honey, you are so brave. I’m so sorry you have been going through this. I was in an abusive relationship when I was a teenager and was in it for 3 months. However, that three months has changed me as a person more than most people could imagine. And since you’ve been there, done that, I’m sure you could.
    I’m proud of you. Absolutely amazingly proud of you for getting out. Don’t look back, despite the hardships you are facing. There is nothing worth going back to that steaming pile of horse dung that abused you. Sorry…. I shouldn’t say things like that… but that’s just how I feel about anyone abusing someone.

    I truly wish that there was the ability for shelters to open up their doors to you. That is truly what they are there for. Do you have any crisis facilities in your town? I don’t know where you are located, and hell even if you did – if they have anything that would allow you to bring your Emotional Support Animal.

    I don’t normally recommend this, but it is something I would recommend. Reach out to legislature. Whoever will listen. Contact the press, or any available ear if you feel so bold. I’m quite certain that you will never be the only one. And being that your resources are few, you need to preserve them as long as you can.

    Again, please don’t turn around and go back. You are worth so much more than you may believe.

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    • I juz wanna thank u for caring this much to say something…thank u so much. But because of all what i went thru because of that rejuection, things inside of me are juz all bad. I can barely figure things out & nothing makes any sense anymore.


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