When U look around & realize yr all alone; I mean completely “ALONE”!


              U know “LYFE” iz a tripp!!! And people….OMG…plz don’t get me started talkin bout theez damn Humanz…..God was right about that, when HE said that “MAN” will always let U down. But, that’s a shame tho, really!!!

U mean all this time, everything I ever believed in has been, fake…foney…a myth…wishful thinkin????? I guess folks, back-in-the-day, started off tryin ta do right, or whatever it was they thought was the right thang anyway. U kno like in the “Leave-it-to-Beaver” dayz!  It’s really quite sad if U ask me. Humanz really tripp me out. The main ones that we’re supposed to be looking up to are always(usually)the ones that do the most dirt. I tell u, boy o’ boy they sure don’t make um like my Precious Grama anymore,that’s for damn sure. I was just talking to some folks @ Vons across from where I live & they agreed with me about this subject that I bring up all the time, people agree with me, I bring it up to people all the time wherever I go, & I’ve been doing this for years now. But sadly I haven’t seen anything get better, only sadly, worse. Well, my subject that I have always believed in & like to live my life by is this; “LUV THY NEIGHBORS”!

Unfortunately people round theez parts don’t believe in that anymore. I’ve never felt so alone b4 in my lyfe!!! I have suffered from mental disabilities since I was 3yrs. old when a drunk driver hit our car on the way to my grampa’s b-day party, coming from preschool with my aunt & my baby cousin. I guess they thought in time I’d get over it or sumthing, but….nope.. wishful thinkin doesn’t help with a brain injury in the 3 parts my skull cracked,(story of my wonderful lyfe)!!! So lyfe went on without my concent…lol..loL….Anyway, so here I am in a hot-ass desert town, with no friends & no family. I am grateful that God at least allowed me to have an ESA. She’s adorable too!!! Oh..sorry..an ESA is an Emotional Support Animal, my bad..lol…I really should be the one to know better than to assume that people know about certain things. So, yeah, I at least have her & she’s totally the best love ever. She has been with me thru the thickest & the ever most thin!!!! I’v been here for 1yr. & 1/2 and just my luck the first boyfriend I tried to have totally emotionally & horrifically physically abused me. I thank God escaped from him for about 3mths. now. OH, YEAH, 4SHO….THAT’S A GOOD THING, NO DOUBT!!!! But, sadly it increased my mental challenges. I tried like krazy to get into a domestic violence shelter, but it was always some problem, some obsticle. I don’t feel like going into it once again, juz kno that I’m still stuck in this ghost-town miserable place. Juz changed sides of town. I now stay in a motel on the other side of hurt/hot & helpless!!!! just wanna add one last thing, then I gotta break till the next time I build up courage to write my whoes…… OK, I did register with the Dpt. of Mental Health & they started off going good, so I thought. They were coming to get me, like I’m used to, then all of a sudden, they stopped. And they knew that I was in a violent/hurtful/dangerous relationship(cause my mom told them). And they still just left me for dead & dead is almost what they got, until I escaped like daMN near 8mths. later. they never came to check on me or nothing. I even tried to leave them messages so they’d get in touch with me so I could get away. “NOTHING”…………..                                     Facebook-20150622-070843          FEELING SAFE