God must be taking me on a journey!

It’s such a trip….I don’t know….LYFE, PEOPLE…Yeah, the people these days. They really crack me up the way they look at me for being different, yet they don’t realize how they look to me…lol..lol! I’ve been this way all my life, but never have I really looked at there being anything to different about myself & the rest of the world, except the fact that I’m different & can’t do everything normal people can.It wasn’t until my grama died in my arms,(my mouth-to-hers, trying to give her part of my life in order to save hers) that God took me on this Journey of realization. But not actually “SELF” realization, but instead realization of “PEOPLE” that I had no clue of B4. Yeah, of course I knew that some people were bad & I did have some times that I experienced bad times with people, but I never really experienced betrayal & deciet the way I have since my grama’s death. It’s even more dificult for me being that I’m in a town where I have no family & no real friends. I had to move out here becuase I couldn’t afford living where I was raised with my grama by myself. Since I’v been here I registered with the local Dpt. of mental health, but I haven’t recieved the help that I’m used to recieving. Since I’ve been here my phobias have gotten worst & I think my alters are coming out more often as well.My mom always tells me I should journal what I go thru, so I thought I’d try this, but it hasn’t been working as well as I thought it would. So I trully apologize for my blog being kinda shitty. But I’ve been trying.

Well i guess that’s all for now, I’ll try to write more. thanx for listening!!