Well it’s kinda weird to me tryin to describe myself. Let me see…I’m a very caring and nice person. I luv people and I definitely luv animals. OK, here it goes….. My name is Harmony Hardly, I’m from a small, but beautiful lil town on the west coast of California called “PLAYA DEL REY”!!! I grew up there with my grandparents & went to skool right down the st. from our house. I’m a very sentimental spirit and I just love to love people & 2 be loved back, that’s what’s most important 2 me in my life. I feel that if you don’t have love in yr life than life’s not worth living. Let me go on 2 explain 2 you why I decided 2 start this blog. Well you see, when I was 3 yrs old I was hit by a drunk driver. I was in a coma for over a month & till I was about 10 yrs old my grama took me to UCLA Medical Center a couple times a month from what I can remember, so they could keep a close watch on my Brain, I’ve suffered from a number of mental challenges and learning disabilities growing up: Tunnel Vision(even in my dreams,i know that’s weird huh),constant Migraines(that last 4 days)Extreme Nightmares,PTSD, D.I.D,Bipolar disorder, Manic Depression & to say the least. I’ve lived with my grandparents all my life and they never made me feel like there’s was anything really wrong with me. But a few yrs. ago my grama died and I was forced to leave my hometown a place where I felt safe and comfortable, due to the fact that they never owned property, they only leased condos. And I’m on SSI and couldn’t afford to live in my neighborhood by myself. So, in a month I had to move and figure out where I could afford to live on my tiny social security income. So I was forced to move to a place I’ve never been before and knew no one. Since then I realized that my mental health got a whole lot worse and now I suffer from an illness that is far from the person I’ve ever been, “Agoraphobia”. Since I no longer have family to support me or to turn to I’ve had to try and figure out what to do. So I was watching YouTube & stumbled upon some vlogs where people posted about their lives & what they go thru & that gave me an idea 2 start a blog so that not only would I be helping others (hopefully), but (hopefully) as time went on & I progressed with my blog, that I too would be “PURGED” so 2 say of at least half of what I go thru in my head from day-2-day!!!!
So I hope you find this interesting & helpful in some sort of way, since I’ll be sharing my Life Moments with you & plz feel more than free to leave comments. I’m extremely sensitive, so plz try & be kind. And always remember 2 luv your neighborz, do unto others as you would have them 2 do unto you without judgements. Everyone iz different, no one is the same as U. We all react different. Our emotions are different. Our weaknesses are different. Our strengths are different. You never know what someone else is going through. Even if you think you know that person & see them always smiling (like myself, if ever i do go outside & have to face people, i always smile & even laugh a lot) never assume. God Bless Mother Earth & 
All of God’s Creations with Agape, Wisdom & an Open Heart!!!! Sincerely, Harmony Hardly “Lvnmyneighborz”…………….and it is so…….        shalom!


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